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The Mentor

Emma Woods has retired from her university research job to take over the family farm and embrace a predictable, peaceful life. Everything changes when a mysterious envelope appears containing a safe deposit key, along with a message from her father who was deemed a traitor and assassinated by the U.S. government. Amidst the loss of everything she holds dear, and her own life under attack, Emma seeks out the help of her neighbor Anthony Newcastle. But can she trust a an who works for the very organization that appears to be threatening her?

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Available in ebook and paperback

The Mentor Book Cover

"Coco Waddell is that exceptional author who is courageous enough to address the most difficult subjects and talented enough to capture the reader and his or her imagination from the very first page. The world of espionage has been conjured up by many authors from John le Carre to David Ignatius, both of whom have a wealth of personal experience from which to draw their plots.

Coco is a new entry to the genre but her hero, Emma Woods, is a woman of our times; relatable, passionate, lonely and ambitious to discover not just herself but also to discover the mystery behind the disappearance of her father in the Middle East. The journey is fraught with danger and terror as Emma finds herself lost in a world of spies and betrayals. But on the other side lies love, joy and self-acceptance. What a ride!"

-- James Adams, Strategy Advisor to US Intelligence and Author of 18 Best Sellers

"Clever, captivating and well-written. An excellent book."

-- Amazon Review, Tom Margulies

"A real page-turner! I really got into this story and enjoyed the globe-trotting adventure."

-- Amazon Review

"The Mentor” is a wild ride...I hope we have more Emma Woods stories to come!"

-- Goodreads Review

Through the Eyes of a Survivor
Through the Eyes of a Survivor Reviews

Indie Excellence Finalist

Through the Eyes of a Survivor 

The despair and triumph of one woman's survival is closely examined in Colette Waddell's intimate portrait of Nina Morecki, a Jewish Pole who narrowly escaped execution during World War II, and challenged Nazi authority. The reader is exposed to a unique relationship that emerges between Nina and the author, and a message of tolerance and hope resonates when life is seen "Through the Eyes of a Survivor."

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Through the Eyes of a Survivor Book Cover

Available in hardcover

"Colette Waddell is an extremely talented writer. She successfully paints a picture of words that tells Nina's life. It is an honor to read...this story of humor, which testifies to the character of Nina. It should be required reading for everyone. For only when we come to understand what happened during the Holocaust will we be certain it never happens again."

-- Debra Gaynor: Reader Views

"It was very informative how life was before the war, and of the evil during the war. This book is one of the best memoirs of the holocaust I have read."

-- Amazon Review, Sandy

"This book SO moved me. Thank you for being so brave in documenting your story. I cried. I laughed. My heart is full. I will read this book again. I want to THANK YOU for sharing this story. It means a lot to me. So inspiring. I am grateful to you. I will carry this always..."

-- Amazon Review, Cassie 

Colette and Nina Through the Eyes of a Survivor

Between 2002 and 2005, during the writing process, [Colette] conducted a series of interviews with Nina Morecki, a Polish Jew who survived the Holocaust. Morecki’s answers to Waddell’s many questions form the fabric of this carefully researched and ultimately gripping narrative.

Shade House Conversations

Shade House Conversations

The Story of an American Family

It was meant to be a week-long horseback riding adventure in beautiful Monument Valley, Utah. It became an adventure spanning over twenty years. When Colette Waddell met the Navajo hosting an excursion through one of the most iconic parks in America, it began a friendship that enveloped a family’s unique story spanning many generations rich with legend and compelling history. Chosen by the Yazzies to record and document this history, the project grew from an undergraduate honors thesis, to the eye-opening testimony of a clan’s heritage, endurance and survival. Keeping a diary of her adventures, Colette takes the reader along for a journey full of surprises and revelations amidst a backdrop of the magical Navajo homeland.

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Shade House Conversations.jpeg

Available in ebook and paperback

Colette and Susie Yazzie Shade House Conversations

When author Colette Waddell met Susie Yazzie more than a decade ago, she had no idea that she would be tasked with recording the Yazzie family history. But, then again, we are talking about the woman who was given a Navajo nickname that roughly translates to “Woman Who Asks Many Questions.”

Waddell, who spent 10 years talking to Susie and her family, shares an excerpt from her upcoming book, Shade House Conversations: The Story of an American Family.

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